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IS-BW00055 - 20 minutes of Terror


Model(s): Yania Fernandez
Video Clip Length: 20:48 minutes
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MP4-HD 1280x720 5000kbps

Beautiful latina Yania Fernandez is attacked by an intruder in a home invasion. Wearing a denim mini-skirt, pantyhose, stylish short boots, and a tight sleeveless sweater, Yania is hand-gagged and then cleave & tape gagged, bound hand and foot, and ordered to stay put. Yania struggles helplessly for a bit, then is carried over the shoulder of the villian and tossed onto the bed, where she is hogtied. Managing to get her feet loose, Yania sneaks out the back door of the house and hides in the yard, hoping for the intruder to simply take what he wants and leave. Unfortunately, she leaves the back door ajar and he comes looking for her. While he is looking around, she sneaks back into the house, locks the back door, and finds a pair of scissors to try to cut herself loose. When she realizes she won't be able to cut the ropes, she tries to make a 911 call but the intruder breaks in through a window and catches her before the call connects. He drags her back to the bed and reties her her in a tighter hogtie. When he leaves the room, Yania struggles off the bed but doesn't get very far before the man returns. He drags her out to the garage, tosses her in the back of his vehicle, covers her with a blanket and drives away.


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