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IS-BW00070 - Duct Tape Mummy


Model(s): Alaina Lael
Video Clip Length: 11:50 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-HD 1280x720 5000kbps

Alaina Lael is attacked by a masked intruder in her home, who throws her to the ground and give her a thorough duct tape gag to silence her cries. Struggling in her blue jean shorts with pantyhose underneath, Alaina is taped hand and foot to prevent running. Tossed unceremoniously on the bed, she tries her hardest to wriggle her way free, but to no avail. Closeups of her stocking-clad feet struggling against the shiny silver duct tape highlight her lovely legs. During her struggles, Alaina's beautiful long hair becomes untied and we see her long shiny tresses flow over her shoulders as she fights for her freedom. She eventually bounces her way off the bed and starts to hop out the door but is grabbed and brought back to the bed. To punish her for the escape attempt, Alaina is ducttaped from shoulders to feet and an almost full mummification of the duct tape! Our shiny silver caterpillar has no where to go now - it's all she can do to attempt to turn over! Before leaving, the intruder adds a duct tape blindfold to add to her indignities and helplessness.


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 March, 2013.