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IS-BW00099 - Prisoner in Duct Tape

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Model(s): Haley Jones
Video Clip Length: 10:08 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-HD 1280x720 6000kbps

An intruder breaks into Haley Jones' house while she is getting ready for work and quickly subdues the sweet brunette. Wearing a short plaid skirt, white blouse and grey pantyhose, Haley begs and pleads to not be bound so tightly with the grey duct tape. Tired of her pleas, the intruder gags her with a thick cleave gag and then tosses her onto the bed to wait while he ransacks the house. Haley's perky nipples peak through the white fabric of her blouse as she kicks and thrashes, trying to break her duct tape bonds. Her stocking clad toes are also on display as she tries to gain leverage against the bed. When our villain catches her trying to reach her cell phone, he adds a lot more duct tape - nearly mummifying our poor damsel!


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 August, 2014.