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IS-BW00106 - Captured Cheerleader


Model(s): Emma Quinn
Video Clip Length: 10:05 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-HD 1280x720 6000kbps

Cute blonde cheerleader Emma Quinn has been kidnapped to secure the cooperation of her boyfriend, the star quarterback, in a plot to throw the big game. Dressed in a classic cheerleader outfit, complete with pantyhose, socks and sneakers, Emma is threatened by her captor to stay on the bed and be quiet, but she manages to thrash around quite a bit, showing off her pantyhose-clad bottom under the short skirt. Eventually she decides to break the rules and hops to the door, but her efforts are thwarted by her captor and he hogties her on the bed to ensure she stays put until he collects his gambling winnings. Gagged with a cleave gag covered with duct tape, Emma can only whimper in disbelief when she finds out that she's not going to be released after all!


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 December, 2014.