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IS-BW00130 - Rival Cheerleaders in Bondage

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Model(s): Britney Damon & Nadia Lyudmilova
Video Clip Length: 15:31 minutes
Video Format: MP4-HD large 1920x1080 14000kbps

Pretty blonde Britney Damon, bound and gagged in a cheerleader uniform, pantyhose, white socks and sneakers, struggles frantically against her bonds, desperate to get back to the competition. In dances leggy blonde Nadia Lyudmilova, also dressed in a cheerleader uniform. Laughing at poor Britney's situation, she gleefully slaps her with pom-poms, handgags her, and tells her that SHE is the mastermind behind Britney's predicament, that she hired a henchman to take Britney out of the competition to spoil her team's chances. Foolish Nadia didn't take into account the foul nature of henchmen, however, and now finds herself getting bound and cleave gagged. The henchman announces that selling one cute blonde was easy, so selling a matched pair should be a piece of cake! When he leaves to arrange the dual transport, the 2 rivals realize they are going to need to work together to successfully escape, but their cooperation comes too late. As Britney is dragged away, Nadia starts to realize what a terrible mistake she has made. When the henchman returns for her, all the gag-talk pleading in the world will not save them from their fate.


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