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IS-BW00157 - Nanny Naughtiness!


Model(s): Angela Smothkaya
Video Clip Length: 8:24 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1440x1080 5000kbps 306mb
MP4 1280x720 5000kbps 301mb

Sexy foreign nanny Angela Smothkaya is trying to get her little charges to go to bed, and she's not above a wee bit of bribery. Dressed in shorts, a skimpy tank top, and boots, she is a sight for tired eyes! She offers to sing them a lullaby, which they turn down. When the boys suggest they play cops & robbers, Angela isn't familiar with that game but agrees to play for a short while. Apparently the mother did not warn Angela about Johnny & his little brother! Once she is tied hand & foot, she plays along with their game, talking sweetly and pleading for release, but instead finds herself hogtied and cleavegagged! Angela is now angry and threatens the boys with a spanking, but they don't give in to her demands and wander off to cause havoc elsewhere. Angela struggles on the bed in her cloth-strip bonds, talking to herself the whole time, but is unable to get herself free. Mom isn't going to be happy when she gets home, but that might be a few hours from now!

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 06 October, 2017.