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IS-BW00163 - Prosecutor in Peril!

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Model(s): Leah Powers
Video Clip Length: 22:46 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-HD large 1920x1080 8000kbps

Leah Powers is a high-powered prosecutor all set for her first big mob trial. When she opens the door for her "driver" however, it turns out to be someone intent on her not making her court date and after a rigorous struggle (totally ripping out the back seam of the skirt!), ends up thoroughly duct taped including a heavy duct tape gag over stuffing, with the tape wrapped all around her head! Despite being dressed in a silk blouse, short tight skirt, pantyhose, and high heels, she struggles across the carpet to the best of her ability. The enforcer easily grabs her back, and demands she throw the trial. At first she bravely refuses, but with a little rough handling, she reluctantly agrees and convincingly tells the enforcer she needs to go change her clothes as she in no way looks presentable for court - the judge will know something is wrong. He reluctantly agrees to give her 3 minutes to change and cuts her out of the tape, with the gag tape pulling at her pretty red hair as he removes it. Once cut free, Leah starts to docilely head to the bathroom but then makes a sudden brave leap for the door to escape. Now angry, the thug throws her into a chair and VERY thoroughly duct tapes her to it, including another heavy stuffed and taped gag, again with the wrapping all around her head. Left alone while the thug goes off to advise the "boss" of the current situation, Leah energetically struggles with all her might and manages to bounce the chair all the way to the door - but unfortunately she has no way to open the locked portal! What will become of our pretty prosecutor?


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