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IS-BW00164 - A Passing Grade ... or Else!

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Model(s): Angela Smothkaya
Video Clip Length: 20:40 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-HD large 1920x1080 10000kbps

Angela Smothkaya is a Russian teacher in a sports-obsessed high school. Unfortunately, the school's star athlete is a very poor student and is failing Ms. Smothkaya's class. The coach is inappropriately pushy in trying to get her to change grades or at least agree to delay handing in the results of the exam, but Angela holds firm to her principles. When the coach shows up at Angela's home with a bag of rope, however, it's clear that his determination to have his star athlete play in the big game knows no bounds! Dressed in a beautiful green silk blouse, a short tweed skirt, pantyhose and knee length, high-heeled boots, Angela makes a fine captive and her feisty Russian spirit drives her to try to escape, even when she's hogtied and gagged with a wrap around tape gag.


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