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QT0442 Aurora Parker & Shay Lynn Simmons (is-qt-ap-sls001)


Model(s): Aurora Parker & Shay Lynn Simmons
Video Clip Length: 11:05 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-Large 1920x1080 8000kbps
MP4 1280x720 5000kbps

Aurora Parker & Shay Lynn Simmons are two sexy business ladies about to make a sales pitch to a potential new client. If they get the contract, it will help save their company and mean big bonuses for them! The morning of their presentation, they are quite nervous – but confident! But when their arch rival from a competing company knocks on their hotel room door, Aurora & Shay Lynn’s hopes of landing that big contract hit a major snag. One after the other, the two ladies find themselves tightly hogtied & gagged side by side on the bed. They struggle vehemently, but cannot loosen the ropes. It seems their rival doesn’t want them to make their presentation and is willing to do anything to stop them!

Keywords: Two girl bondage, Asian model, blonde model, hogtie, white blouse, skirt, pantyhose, heels, business attire, tape gags, gag talk

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 January, 2019.