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QT0510 Lera Grigio (is-qt-lg009)

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Model(s): Lera Grigio
Video Clip Length: 12:20 minutes
Video Format Options:
MP4-Large 1920x1080 8000kbps
MP4 1280x720 5000kbps

Lera Grigio is the strict resident assistant (RA) for the “party dorm” at a large university. It is alumni weekend, a major fundraising event, and the Dean has instructed Lera to keep the dorm quiet & under control. She warns Lera that if there are any wild parties, her scholarship is in jeopardy! Lera tries very hard to keep her dorm subdued, but the would-be partiers invade her room and tie up and gag the hapless RA, ignoring her cries for order! Lera struggles vigorously against her bonds while the party rages outside her door. Wearing a short tunic dress, tights and boots, her dress repeatedly hikes up as she tries to escape the ropes.

Keywords: Sweater dress, boots, pantyhose, cleave gag with duct tape over, long hair, tied to bed in a web of rope

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