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QT1089 Kay Cohen (is-qt-kc002)


Model(s): Kay Cohen
Video Clip Length: 7:25 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

Kay Cohen returns home & surprises a burglar rummaging through her dresser. Kay is not a meek woman and she angrily confronts the intruder, threatening to use mace. Her attention is so fixed on the one intruder that she is unaware of second burglar sneaking up behind her! Poor Kay soon finds herself being tied down spread eagle on her bed by both assailants before she is gagged with cloth stuffing and duct tape. Tied down and stretched out, Kay does her best to struggle for freedom, but it is no use.

Keywords: Tied spread eagle on bed, knee-high boots, panty peeks, gagged with stuffing and tape, dress


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 09 August, 2023.