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QT1116 Nina Daven (is-qt-ndaven008)


Model(s): Nina Daven
Video Clip Length: 9:00 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

Nina Daven has learned that a major celebrity is staying in a private home not far from where she lives. She thinks if she can sneak onto the property and take some candid pics of the celebrity by the pool, she can sell them for extra money! What she doesn’t realize is that the private home has its own security team, one that doesn’t take kindly to people sneaking onto the property to bother their guests! Poor Nina only gets to snap a few pics before she is caught! But this security team doesn’t call the police. Instead, Nina is is left bound and gagged on the edge of the property – a stark (but quite sexy!) warning to any other would-be paparazzi.

Keywords: Ebony model, outside bondage, tied standing to a tree arms pulled over head, shorts, tank top, sneaker, bandana (bandanna) cleave gag


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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 12 November, 2023.