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QT1139 Michelle Jennings (is-qt-mijen031)


Model(s): Michelle Jennings
Video Clip Length: 13:05 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

Michelle Jennings is a voice over actress working for a demanding producer. He thinks her “gag noises” when her character gets captured aren’t realistic enough and wants her to do it again, and again, and again – each time adding a a bit more muffling. Still not satisfied, she is eventually ordered into full costume and has to role play the scene, including being ACTUALLY tied up as well as gagged!

Michelle looks adorable in her casual clothes & glasses, trying her best to simulate gag noises, but she looks amazing cosplaying as an interstellar princess, captured and bound after she infiltrates the villain’s slave ring. Kind of makes you wish you were with the Rebel Alliance!

Keywords: Costume bondage, barefoot, bare feet, OTM gag, cleave gag, double gag, bandana bandanna, hair in a braid


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 January, 2024.