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QT1163 Nina Daven (is-qt-ndaven010)


Model(s): Nina Daven
Video Clip Length: 13:55 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

It is date night and Nina Daven is excited to see what her boyfriend has planned. When she arrives home, she finds a box containing several coils of rope and a ball gag on the bed. It’s bondage night and Nina is very excited! Then someone sneaks up behind Nina and blindfolds her with a silk scarf before starting to tie her wrists behind her back. The ropes keep coming as Nina is slowing & meticulously placed into a very tight hogtie. The entire time Nina playfully teases & flirts with her boyfriend. Once fully secured, Nina is ball gagged and sensually squirms anticipating what will come next! But when her blindfold is finally removed, she is horrified to discover the person who now has her all tied up is not her boyfriend! Her playful struggles quickly turn into frantic, but pointless, attempts to free herself.

Nina is an amazingly seductive woman and her performance is among the best we have ever shot. This woman knows how to flirt! The onscreen tying is extensive, giving Nina plenty of time to verbally entice the viewer. And dressed in a long leather skirt, satin blouse, pantyhose & high heels, Nina cuts a striking image once she is fully hogtied & gagged on the bed.

Keywords: Ebony model, long leather skirt, satin blouse, pantyhose, high heels, hogtied, silk scarf blindfold, ball gag, seductive, flirting, onscreen tying


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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 March, 2024.