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QT1187 Kristen Moore (is-qt-km068)


Model(s): Kristen Moore
Video Clip Length: 17:50 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

Kristen Moore is a college detective who decides to bring her best friend (not seen) along on a case. It turns out 2 is not better than 1 as they both end up getting captured and tied up! Tied to a chair, Kristen gag-talks to her unseen friend as she struggles to get to a cell phone in the drawer but she gets caught before she can use it. Gag-talking furiously, Kristen is left bound & gagged on the bed with her friend tied nearby. Eventually, Kristen is able to get off the bed and hop to the door, hopeful that she and her friend will make a clean escape!

Video features Kristen looking casually sexy, as she struggles bound wearing a crop top, shorts and Nike socks, plus over-the mouth (OTM) gags.

Keywords: Shorts, Nike athletic socks, chair tie, tied on bed, OTM (over-the-mouth) gag, POV


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 May, 2024.