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QT1190 Mia Nelson (is-qt-mn086)


Model(s): Mia Nelson
Video Clip Length: 15:20 minutes
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080 14000kbps

Mia Nelson has been captured by a burglar. She is ordered to remove her robe and is tightly bound while barefoot, wearing just her satin bra & “cheeky” panties. She is gagged with a scarf and left alone as the burglar goes off to ransack her apartment. She struggles to reach the phone by her bed, and is successful in knocking the receiver off the hook and starting to dial with her toes. But she is caught before she can complete the call (dialing a rotary phone is so slow!). Now she has made the burglar angry, so she is more thoroughly gagged with multiple scarves and re-tied stretched out on the bed with her arms pulled over head. There are plenty of close up of Mia’s cute bare feet and panty clad bottom, plus of course Mia’s usual very energetic struggling!

Keywords: Lingerie, bra, panties, barefoot, bare feet, tied on bed, scarf gag


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 May, 2024.