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DC059 - POV Femme Fatale Bondage Game


Video Title: DC059 - POV Femme Fatale Bondage Game Model(s): Abby Dandy (aka Daisy Daniels)
Video Clip Length: 8:41
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080

Description: In "Femme Fatale Bondage Game," You have been such a loyal pet - it's high time I reward you with a game of bondage. Only this time, my dear, I'll allow you the pleasure of putting me in bondage. I'm your femme fatale normally, but let's turn the tables for once, shall we? I am dressed in my full length blue burlesque gown, wearing my red hair perfectly styled in a retro fashion. I am dripping in glamour with dangly earrings and full length gloves. First, you have me tied to a rocking chair with cotton rope. Then, you stuff pantyhose in my mouth, securing it with tape. Then you watch me struggle, helpless.

Keywords: redhead, retro, glamor, glamorous, tall, gown, burlesque, bondage, female domination, femdom, role reversal, sub dome, rope, gag, pantyhose, rocking chair, white skin, creamy, porcelain skin, big feet, high heels, long legs, POV


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