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DC062 - I’ll Do Anything For This Job!


Model(s): Abby Dandy (aka Daisy Daniels)
Video Clip Length: 5:51
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080

Description: I will do ANYTHING for this job. I really need it. I've never heard of "bondage" but I'll give it a go if you'll put me higher on your applicant list. You hand me the cloth and I stuff my face with it, unsure if I am doing it correctly. You assure me I am doing it right and you instruct me to tie the cleave gag around my face. I do do, still timidly. It takes a minute to get it tight, and eventually, my anxiety rises as I feel my jaw stiffen against the gag. Suddenly, I relax and begin to enjoy my struggle. After a few moments of pleasure, I look you in the eyes and wonder if I got the job...

Keywords: Pinup, pinup model, redhead, red hair, gagged, gagged women, cleave gag, damsel in distress, porcelain skin, winged eyeliner, red lipstick, redheads, redheadsdoitbetter, did, damsel, femme fatale, bondage, bdsm, bullet bra, lingerie, dress, lingerie, retro, stockings, garter


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