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DC066 - Striptease to Save My Job


Model(s): Abby Dandy (aka Daisy Daniels)
Video Clip Length: 7:22
Video Format: MP4 1920x1080

Description: I walk into my boss's office the other day and he tells me that my job performance is subpar. Me? Subpar? I can't believe it! Sure, I might not actually type as fast as I said I could, or maybe I don't know all those silly programs on the computer- but I've got spunk! And I'm a very quick learner. To make sure that my boss got the message, while I was pleading my case, I stripped out of my sexy black stockings, revealing my big feet that I know my boss can't resist. I stripped out of my work wear, revealing my delicious breasts and dangerous hips. I think I've managed to keep my job safe for another day!

Keywords: strip, striptease, boss, employee, job, secretary , office, blouse, pencil skirt, lingerie, retro, garter belt, panties, stockings, stocking peel


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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 27 November, 2023.