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IS045 - Tied Tight Times 3

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Featuring Veronica Stephens, Dina Davis, & Cyrelle St. James
80 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000 kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

If you are a fan of very strict bondage, IS45 will be a treat for you! Veronica Stephens makes her video debut as a hapless lady pedestrian who wanders into the wrong part of town. Grabbed by an unsavory character, she endures several increasingly strict and revealing positions. First, with her elbows tied together, her wrists are strung up behind her back, tied off to her snug crotchrope, and then, to add further insult, her foot is hauled high into the air behind her, forcing poor Veronica into a position best suited for the Ice Capades! Next, her arms are tied behind her over a bar, attached to an even tighter crotchrope, legs separated by a spreader bar, and her breasts are then tied on-screen. Gagged with a over-the-mouth harness gag, she is placed into a full wrists suspension. Her captor then places her into a harness of hemp rope, forces her to balance up on her knees, and ties her off to the ceiling, allowing her to be spun about like a helpless toy. Throughout these segments, Veronica is always thoroughly gagged, and periodically releases a mouthful of drool, much to her dismay.

Dina Davis appears next in 2 scenes showing off her flexibility. First, an elbows-together hogtie forces her into a arch, showing off her feminine curves. Gagged with a rubber bit gag, Dina can only mumble her complaints about this position. Since we didn't hear the complaints all that well... we tied her in a lovely bottoms-up standing ball tie! Some great closeups of one of Dina's "finest assets," a good snug crotchrope, and a very vulnerable position make this position a winner!

Finishing out this video is the ever-charming Cyrelle St. James in a vignette emphasizing her lovely rounded figure. A snug red-rope "bra" defines her breasts appealingly, while her legs are tied in a unique lotus-type position which doesn't afford much movement. Gagged with a harness ball gag, she is definitely not going anywhere for awhile!

This is a departure from our usual storyline-driven videos, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off the talents of some of our most flexible (and patient!) models. If you like truly tight bondage, this is a video you shouldn't miss.

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