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IS044b - K!dn@pped Coed Part 2


Starring Dina Davis
80 minutes - 974.5 mb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

For those who have read or seen the introduction of Dina Davis in K!d@apped Coed - Part 1, this video continues the dramatic plight of a captured college coed. Her captor from Part 1 offers her ONE MORE CHANCE to study, while tied to the desk wearing a full head-harness gag. Unfortunately, all Dina does is struggle against her bonds, forcing her captor to devise another series of positions which she must endure. Dina is fastened to the cross by leather and chains, attached to her desk with black electrical tape, and perched on her desktop in a most precarious fashion. Eventually, she finds herself tied on a bed with her captor telling her that she'd better rest - one more chance at the exam coming up! Needless to say, poor Dina will have a long night in front of her - she wakens to find herself chained to a suspended board, then in a tight hogtie on the floor, all before the dreaded exam.

Finally allowed to take the exam, Dina is gagged with a black face-panel gag with a hole in it through which a pen is jammed, again forcing her to write with her teeth. But, alas for our heroine, she again fails and, told that she is "leaving everyone hanging," is hung up in a swing apparatus and pushed around by her captor.

What will happen to Dina? Was this all a cruel prank? Was it a nightmare? Is she ever to escape?

This video features the very attractive Dina Davis in 13 positions, where she is bound with everything from rope to chain to leather straps and electrical tape, in addition to a variety of mouthfilling gags!

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