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IS032 - Dream Therapy - Renter's Dilemma


Starring Allaina Trent - Cyrelle St. James with a vignette by Brianna McCoy
80 minutes - 1.07 gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

This video includes two full stories, an exciting vignette, and three very cute damsels.

In Dream Therapy, Allaina Trent seeks help from a psychologist in order to cure herself of a series of nightmares she has been having. Lying on the doctor's couch, she nervously recounts her nightmare where a mysterious intruder grabs her, forces her to the ground and leaves her tightly bound and gagged, struggling helplessly on the floor. Panicked by her words and unable to recall further details, Allaina allows herself to be hypnotized so the doctor can probe deeper into her subconscious. Once under, Allaina recalls another dream where she is again being bound and gagged despite her desperate pleas of "Don't tie me up!" and "Why are you doing this to me?" But when Allaina awakens to find her psychologist has tied her up, her nightmares become all too real as the doctor insists that she must deal with her fears by facing them head on!

In Renter's Dilemma, Cyrelle St. James has spent her rent money on new shoes. Not wanting to get kicked out of her apartment, she devises a scheme to fool her landlord into thinking a burglar has stolen her money. With her landlord on his way over to collect the rent, she binds, gags, and blindfolds herself into a snug hog-tie. But when Cyrelle accidentally reveals her deception with a slip of the tongue, she is persuaded to indulge her landlord's bondage fantasies in exchange for the unpaid rent! As she is bound tighter and finds herself increasingly helpless, Cyrelle's worried facial expressions and nervous pleas are irresistible!

Finally, Brianna McCoy is featured in a short vignette where she returns home and is grabbed by an unwanted intruder who tightly ropes and gags his startled victim. Left alone, Brianna struggles to her feet and bounces to the door only to be grabbed at the last second, carried back to the living room, and left securely hog-tied and blindfolded for her efforts!

Three cute girls, two stories, and lots of tight bondage and mouth filling gags make this a video worth seeing!

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