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IS017 - Unwanted Intruder-Escape Artist Tryouts


Starring Paige Fontaine - Holly Everson & Katie Ladd plus a vignette by Janice Sylver
80 minutes - 1.09 gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

In the first 40-minute story, vibrant Paige Fontaine settles down to read a book before going to bed for the evening. After drifting off to sleep, she is suddenly awoken by the pressure of a hand being placed over her mouth. Ordered to remain quiet, the intruder stuffs a cloth into her mouth, ties it in with a torn sheet and then applies several layers of duct tape (on-screen). He then tightly hog-ties the frightened Paige and leaves her to struggle in her skimpy blue nighty. Unable to find any valuables, the intruder returns and demands to know where they are hidden. Reluctant to cooperate, Paige is tied in two more positions. First she is tied spread eagle, topless, and gagged with a red ball gag. She is then tied topless to a chair, gagged with a black rubber ball gag, and blindfolded with her naked breasts squeezed by the tight ropes. In each of these scenes, Paige struggles helplessly while barefoot, topless, and tightly tied and gagged (much of it done on screen).

Holly Everson and Katie Ladd follow in a 30 minute story where they both want to be an assistant to a world famous female escape artist. With only one position available, they must compete with each other to see who is more worthy. They are both ordered to strip down to their panties (on-screen) and then identically tied and gagged and left to struggle in two different positions (first ball-tied and then hog-tied, with their stocking clad feet prominently displayed). Will either manage to escape their bonds and win the position?

Finally, Janice Sylver is featured in a vignette wearing tight black PVC shorts, boots and a black bra that show off her very sexy figure. She is tied to a chair, gagged with a black bit and blindfolded with red leather blindfold before being left to struggle.

This video features four very attractive young woman, tied tightly with rope, gagged, and struggling desperately to free themselves from their predicaments.

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