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IS132 - Leather Bound Beauties


Featuring Mia Chen, Adasia Smith, Molly Bronte, Corrine Delamonte, Juanita Aber, Jedi Brown & Lainie Moon
105 minutes - 1.2 Gigs
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

Lucky seven indeed! Seven lovely ladies clad in leather and boots in 6 short stories & vignettes contribute to our biggest leather-themed video yet!

Mia Chen is an undercover agent who allows herself to be bound and gagged in order to gain the trust of the gang she is trying to infiltrate. Unfortunately, Mia finds out too late that her cover was blown and now - she is truly helpless.

Adasia Smith looks sultry in her black leather pants as she throws herself against the ropes holding her in place. She spins and twists, but cannot get loose from her web of bondage!

Molly Bronte & Corrine Delamonte are roommates captured by an intruder and find themselves all tied up for the evening.

Juanita Aber is followed home by a stalker she refused to dance with at a club - she should learn to be more polite!

Jedi Brown is a feisty captive who doesn't sit quietly while waiting for the ransom drop!

Lainie Moon thinks she is helping out a friend by going to a seedy nightclub to spy on a cheating spouse, but she is really being set up for a night of bondage - in revenge for some poorly-timed testimony!

Tight ropes, sensuous black leather, and 7 sexy damsels will make this a video you won't soon forget!

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 May, 2010.