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IS130 - Mummified Head to Toe


Starring Corrine Delamonte, Lydia Sloan, Cassandra Rae & Jesenia Stone
88 minutes - 1.35 Gigs
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps.

This is a mummification video unlike any we have done before, and probably unlike any you've seen before! If you are a member and enjoy our "behind the scenes" video clips, you will really like this video. There are no "damsel-in-distress" storylines here; instead, the sequences are shot almost documentary-style. Each starts with the model introducing the sequence while she is relatively unbound, and then the mummification process is shown in detail from beginning to end, from the start of wrapping to the extrication of the model from her cocoon. The overall tone is good-natured and it is obvious the girls are enjoying themselves. Each tells you how they are feeling throughout the process (well, at least until they are gagged!) and there are giggles a-plenty when they are too bundled to speak.

Corrine Delamonte is taped to a chair and then totally wrapped with saran wrap except for a small opening in the gag. Cassandra Rae is wrapped in black plastic and sealed with black duct tape, and then her eyes and mouth are covered in black plastic tape to complete the cocoon. Jesenia Stone is wrapped in classic gray duct tape from her ankles to shoulders, then hooded with additional tape applied around her eyes and mouth. But none of these compare with Lydia Sloan's sequence. First, she is tied with rope with her hands at her sides. The ropes are then covered in duct tape so the knots will be unreachable (and we even duct-taped her fingers so she couldn't pick at anything!). She is then gagged with a red ball gag, which is covered by black tape and then a black spandex hood is placed over her head. Next, she is covered head-to-foot in a blue spandex body bag, and more duct tape is wrapped around the body bag to hold it snug. Not done yet, we applied jute rope over the bag, laid her flat on the bed, and tied the jute into a spider web net to keep her from rolling off. Finally, we put on a metal collar and attached it with chain to the bedposts (just in case she had SOME idea of going anywhere!).

One of the most unique videos we have produced, this film showcases four of the most complete mummifications we have ever done, shown start to finish, with willing and enthusiastic participants.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 17 May, 2010.