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IS129 - Tape Tied Delights


Featuring Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating, Katarina Wilski, Giana Gray, Lydia Sloan, Corrine Delamonte, Cassandra Rae & Juanita Aber
75 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

Eight lovely ladies in six short stories & vignettes make this a tape video you won't soon forget! In the first segment, Kylie Adams conspires to purchase some exam results from a shady character. When her goody-two-shoes roommate, Ophelia Keating, finds out, she is horrified and is determined to not let Kylie sully her transcript with a "stolen" grade. Katarina Wilski is a nagging wife who mentions "duct tape" at precisely the wrong moment. Giana Gray is supposed to be helping her friend pack to move, but is really more of a distraction than a help. The friend solves the problem by finding a way to keep Giana both quiet and still. Lydia Sloan is beset by a burglar who won't take "no" for an answer. Corrine Delamonte is surprised in her bathroom by an intruder, who doesn't appreciate her trying to get to her cell phone and decides to leave her all wet. Juanita Aber returns home to find her friend, Cassandra Rae, taped to a chair and gagged. But when she tries to help her friend, she learns that the intruder hadn't actually left yet, and the two girls find them selves stuck together for a while.

Lots of onscreen taping, lots of gag talk and writhing on the floor, plus of course the lovely Imago models - all your favorite elements in one delightful video!

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