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IS122 - Vinyl Vixens!

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Featuring Corrine Delamonte, Molly Bronte, Renee Rose, Holly Everson, Britney Damon, Cassandra Rae, Katarina Wilski & Giana Gray
90 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

Seven stories of captured damsels all wearing sexy, shiny, patent PVC ... yum!

Corrine Delamonte & Molly Bronte go to a party and end up fighting over the same guy. And what better way to settle such a dispute then with a little rope?! Molly's pink PVC lowriders contrast nicely with Corrine's classic shiny black pants.

Wearing a full length black PVC coat and boats, Renee Rose is a captured and chained spy.

Clad in a black PVC catsuit and red ballgag, Holly Everson is tied into a very tight hogtie (has she ever looked sexier?).

Britney Damon is stretched out on the bed wearing a short black PVC skirt (which conveniently hikes up when she struggles to reveal her sexy pantyhose-clad bottom!).

Cassandra Rae is tied bent over the bed frame and the very tight (and short) PVC skirt she wears shows off her sexy legs and bottom very nicely!

Katarina Wilski faces the wrath of her sweetie for staying out all night and partying in her tight little PVC "bootie" shorts. (And what a booty!)

Finally, Giana Gray returns home from a night on the town only to be grabbed and tightly bound by an intruders. Dressed in a long black PVC skirt, Giana shows off her flexibility when her elbows are pulled together and securely tied behind her back.

Eight sexy girls, beautiful shiny clothing, and some vigorous interaction make this a must-see for fans of PVC and anyone who loves to see sexy damsels in distress!

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