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IS119 - What Burglar? - Hit & Run

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Starring Belle Sagonis, Jasmine Martinez & Lainie Moon - Katarina Wilski & Dina Davis with 3 vignettes featuring Salem Williams, Corrine Delamonte & Ara Lynn
83 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

This video highlights the talents of 8 of our beautiful models dressed in street clothes - and their sexy bare feet!

The first story features Jasmine Martinez and Belle Sagonis as bickering roommates and Lainie Moon as their long-suffering landlady. Jasmine is tired of Belle's disregard for her food in the shared refrigerator, so she devilishly handcuffs Belle to the bed and torments her by eating the last of the pudding. Later, the opportunity arises for Belle to get her revenge and Jasmine finds herself attached to one of their kitchen chairs, thoroughly blindfolded and gagged. When Jasmine hears footsteps, she's not sure if it's Belle returning... or perhaps a burglar! All the hooting and hollering gets the attention of landlady Lainie Moon, but she refuses to untie Jasmine when she hears that it's just another prank. Unfortunately for all 3 ladies, it WAS a burglar, and you can imagine the rest!

Dina returns home after a romantic weekend away with her boyfriend, and nosy Katarina "offers" to help her unpack after picking her up at the airport - and discovers a nice pair of handcuffs tucked into the suitcase! Dina playfully shows Katarina the proper use of handcuffs, and then goes to finish unloading her car. However, she notices a good ding in the car that wasn't there when she left, and she confronts Katarina about it (since Kat wasn't supposed to use Dina's car while she was gone). Katarina admits she had a fender bender - and that she left the scene because she knew she didn't have permission to use the car. Later, when Dina is home alone, the victim of the hit and run tracks the license of the car to their apartment and takes revenge on the occupants!

Three short and sexy vignettes round out this video - featuring some of your favorite models in snug and revealing positions!

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