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IS110 - Captured Damsels


Featuring Molly Bronte, Naleyja Diaz, Katarina Wilski, Lainie Moon, Holly Everson, Dina Davis and Salem Williams
Video Length: 85 minutes 1.4 gb
Format: MP4
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 2000kbps.

This video is another episode in our exciting series of first person perspective videos which put you right in the center of the action. There is so much in this video, it is hard to cover it all here! Featuring 7 damsels in 6 fast paced tales, your captured damsel is told to handcuff, tie or gag herself. There are a wide variety of gags (tape, ball, cleave) and binding materials, including the use of handcuffs, rope, and tape. Even pantyhose is used, when poor Holly Everson is told to remove her own pair which are then used to bind and gag her, along with some highly-requested phone cord ripped from the wall after she attempts to make a distress call. There is also plenty of dialogue by the girls as they beg, plead or try to reason with their captor not to bind them. The performance by Salem Williams is especially dramatic as she is chased through her home, cornered, made to handcuff herself, and then led into the bedroom where she is more thoroughly bound, all the while she is pleading with her assailant that all those ropes are not really necessary! Another great sequence occurs when an intruder attempts to stash Lainie in the closet, but she pleads with him to tie her up instead. Dreading the thought of being locked in the small dark closet, she shows him where he can find the rope and tape, and even encourages him to tie her good and tight so she will not be able to escape and he will not have to lock her up!

This is a fast-paced video where you can fully immerse yourself in the action. Throw in a wide variety of gags, binding material, positions, and clothing and you have one very exciting video!

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 13 July, 2010.