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Model(s): Aurora Parker
Video Clip Length: 9:33 minutes
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WMV-HD 1280x720 4500kbps 312mb
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Pretty Asian model Aurora Parker is working in her father's office when she is visited by a mysterious woman who demands to speak with the father. When Aurora foolishly reveals that she is the wealthy man's daughter and that she is there alone, the woman knocks her out and binds her in a hogtie on the desk, removing her shoes so her cute pantyhosed toes are exposed. When she comes to, the woman tells her she is being taken for ransom and calls her errant henchman to hurry up and get to the office building. When the henchman arrives, he is ordered to CAREFULLY pack Aurora for transport in a large box while the woman goes to move the truck into position. Kicking and struggling, Aurora cries for help through her microfoam tape gag, but as she acknowledged earlier, the office is empty and no one is there to hear her cries. Packed in the box, sealed with duct tape, we hear Aurora kicking and howling as she is taken away.


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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 14 November, 2012.