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IS100 - Captured at Home


Starring Dina Davis
65 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps.

A young woman is home alone when a man knocks on her door claiming to be a repairman. But before poor Dina can tell the man she did not call for service, he forces his way in and pushes her to the floor. He then tightly binds the startled Dina, who pleads for him to just take her money and leave. But when the intruder discovers that no one else will be home for several days, the intruder decides this is an opportunity too good to pass up. With the sexy Dina fully secured and the place to himself, he goes out to his truck and returns with more rope and a video camera. This is not going to be just a home invasion!

This video features the very sexy Dina Davis in one her best performances (and she has has had several!). Whether wearing a clingy purple dress and heels, a sexy red slip, or just her panties, Dina is one very sexy young woman! She is also a very talented actress, as she demonstrates with the extensive dialogue between her and her captor. Also featured are several barefoot scenes and plenty of onscreen tying.

A classic damsel-in-distress story - and what a lovely damsel!

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