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IS-BW00115 - Duct Taped at Home


Model(s): Selene Silva
Video Clip Length: 8:56 minutes
Video Format Options:
WMV-HD 1280x720 6000kbps 384mb
MP4 720x400 2100kbps 134mb

Pretty brunette businesswoman Selene Silva, dressed in a blouse, pencil skirt, pantyhose and high heels, comes home to an apparently empty house. As she turns the corner, she is attacked by an intruder who binds her extensively with duct tape. Gagged with duct tape also, she can't even yell out for help. Selene is not one to sit idly while captured so she struggles aggressively, trying to tear the duct tape. When that doesn't work, she starts struggling to move down the hall to escape. She actually reaches the front door, but before she is able to maneuver the handle with her feet, the intruder returns and drags her back down the hall.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 26 June, 2015.