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IS088 - Awaiting Her Fate

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Starring Dina Davis
60 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

The very sexy Dina Davis returns as a hapless college student taken by a white slaver. Stolen away from her normal life, Dina wakes up tied to a chair, unsure of where she is and why she has been taken. Her captor advises her of the situation, and that she will be sold into a new life of slavery as soon as her buyer arrives. However, in the meantime, he wishes to videotape her "for his records." She is tied in several different positions in her lingerie, from a chair tie to a bed tie, then kneeling on the bed, and finally a standing hands-overhead position (this last in red lingerie).

Dina starts off dressed in the classic skirt, top, and pantyhose, and then she is made to remove the clothes down to her blue lacy lingerie. Her strappy black sandals in the first scene are traded for 6" high platform shoes for the remaining scenes. Throughout her ordeal, Dina constantly talks to herself, bemoaning her fate and the tightness of the ropes and pondering her options. Even when she is gagged, this is not a "mmmphing" video - Dina really has a lot to say, even if you can't understand all of it! Extensive onscreen tying and lots of interaction help make this an exciting video - as if seeing Dina all tied up and struggling to free herself wasn't exciting enough!

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