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IS064 - Renters' Terror

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Starring Britney Damon & Molly Bronte with a bonus short story by Phoenix Ray & Lilly Cummings
65 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000 kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

Like true girl-next-door damsels wearing sexy sandals, sneakers and street clothes? You'll love this video!

Britney Damon and Molly Bronte are two very well-off college coeds staying at the same boarding house. Little do they know that the pleasant woman who runs the house has had enough of their snotty attitude and the rude way they have treated her younger sister, who is also a student at the University. Thus, Britney is completely surprised when the woman grabs her, pushes her onto her bed and starts to tie her up! Thinking it is all must be some sort of joke, Britney is horrified when she realizes how angry the woman truly is. When her roommate Molly returns, she finds the helpless Britney tightly tied to a chair. But before she can come to Britney's aid, Molly is also captured and tightly bound and gagged.

Next, Phoenix Ray and Lilly Cummings star in a short storyline vignette. Phoenix returns home from a hard day of work and collapses on her sofa. But she is suddenly startled by a sexy female intruder (Lilly Cummings) who tightly hogties and gags poor Phoenix.

This video features three very cute girl-next-door damsels dressed in shorts, skirts, sandals and sneakers, lots of great struggling, and plenty of on-screen tying and gagging. Plus... 1 very sexy burglar!

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