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IS057 - The Package - Sorority Initiation Challenge


Starring Monique Zeta - Savannah Washington & Ayanna Castillo
82 minutes - 1.06gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

This video is an energetic and lively look at lovely African-American girls in binds of their own making.

First, in The Package, our shapely and enthusiastic heroine, Monique Zeta, opens her door to find a well-wrapped package on her doorstep. Taking the parcel inside to open it, she discovers a veritable toy box of bondage goodies! Happily humming and talking to herself, she tries on several gags and speculates on the use of some of the other equipment. Greedily picking out an assortment of items, she scurries off to her bedroom to try them out. Unfortunately for her, in her haste she neglects to pick up the keys, so ... we are treated to an absolutely delightful scene of busty Monique hopping down a flight of stairs (her ample breasts bouncing with each movement) with her ankles tied, hands cuffed behind her back, ballgagged and drooling for all she's worth! She decides to be more careful in her next experiment, but of course that elusive key slips from her hands just as she clicks the cuffs over her head ... Next she carefully places herself in a hand-&-ankle-cuff hogtie, but now the key slips between the cushions of the sofa ... In the final scene, Monique demonstrates her flexibility in a backwards arch - but she tied the key just a little too high up for her reaching mouth to recover. All in all, a rough day for Monique, but a real joy for the viewer!

In Sorority Initiation, Savannah and Ayanna play two rather bitchy sorority girls who are competing to find the all-important final exam by breaking into the T.A.'s house. Upon finding the T.A.'s collection of bondage gear, though, Savannah decides SHE will be the victor and tricks Ayanna into restraint. Vowing revenge, Ayanna manages to escape and surprises Savannah, securing her to a chair and taunting her mercilessly. Upon returning to her home and finding the hapless Savannah sitting in her dining room, the T.A. decides to teach both girls a lesson and secures them back to back. The quarreling girls refuse to cooperate, and as they bitch and struggle in increasingly energetic fashion, they topple over several times and find themselves fully helpless. (The verbal interaction between these two girls is terrific - they are actually roommates and know the right buttons to push to get the other one riled up!)

Besides being a treat for fans of African-American girls in bondage, those who enjoy EXTENSIVE drooling and use of handcuffs will love Monique Zeta's performance, and it will do anyone's heart good to see these two sorority princesses restrained and gagged! Also, Savannah's accent (she is an exchange student from Kenya) is absolutely charming, and fans of girl vs girl bondage will enjoy her interaction with Ayanna immensely.

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