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IS046 - Tickled for Ransom - Tardy & Tickled - Time Waster


Featuring Trista Thompson, Renee Rose, & India DeSilva
68 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000 kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

This video features 3 very ticklish young damsels in 3 separate stories of tickle torment - enjoy!

In Tickled for Ransom, Trista Thompson is grabbed on her way to her car, handcuffed, gagged and pushed into the trunk. Trista soon finds herself stripped to her bra and panties and tied spread-eagle to a bed. Her captor informs her that he will video tape a ransom demand which he will send to her husband. Once the camera starts rolling, he pounces on the helpless Trista and starts to tickle her unmercifully. He insists that she look directly into the camera and plead with her husband to send the money. When the second day arrives and the demands have not been met, he starts the camera and tickles poor Trista even more. With her feet now suspended above the bed, Trista is helpless to stop the attacks on her feet and toes (which have been tied together)! Trista is tickled up and down her entire body, including her feet, behind her knees, her thighs, ribs, under arms and behind her neck. Trista, becoming breathless and gasping in her extreme ticklishness, screams and begs to the camera for her husband to "pay the damn money, you cheap bastard!" Unfortunately for Trista, her husband can't come up with the money - her ordeal is just beginning!

In Tardy & Tickled, Renee Rose arrives late for her modeling assignment and is not the least bit apologetic. Thinking it is a standard bondage photo session, she is tied stretched out on the sofa, but still with plenty of attitude, much to the photographer's aggravation. Wanting some measure of revenge, she quickly removes Renee's shoes and starts to tickle her bare feet. She then continues by tickling Renee' ribs, legs and underarms with her fingers. Not satisfied with this level of retribution, she ties Renee spread eagle on the floor (dressed only in sexy black panties and a lovely waist cincher) and torments her with a feather, as well as continuing with her fingers. Renee's ticklishness manifests itself in loud peals of laughter as she tries to convince the photographer that she will never be late again!

In Time Waster, India DeSilva spends the entire afternoon having a cosmetic lady show her various perfumes, lotions, lipsticks, etc. Eventually, she reveals that she really had no intention of buying anything, she just wanted to spend a pleasant time "window shopping." Extremely irritated for having wasted several hours, the saleswoman knocks India out with a special "perfume spray," ties her to her own coffee table, and tickles her unmercifully for revenge. Poking relentlessly at India's vulnerable ribs, underarms, and feet, the salewoman takes her commission in causing her subject some misery in exchange for her time.

If you are a tickle fan, you will really enjoy this festival of tickle-tormented damsels!

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