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IS039 - Junior Sleuth - Sibling Rivalry


Starring Britney Damon - Holly Everson & Brianna McCoy
65 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 1600kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

In this double feature video, we present three of the cutest "true" girl-next-door beauties you will ever see in any bondage video.

In the first story, Junior Sleuth, the incredibly cute Britney Damon is an aspiring crime-solving sleuth. When she hears strange noises coming from a neighbor's house, she can't resist the temptation to investigate. But poor Britney is quickly captured by a masked burglar and bound with her arms over head. Using her sweet and innocent charm, Britney convinces her captor to tie her in a more comfortable position. Left alone, Britney then manages to untie her ankles and run back to her house (with her upper body still tied) to call for help. With the masked villain chasing behind her, will she make it in time? A great performance by Britney, with plenty of energetic struggling, in addition to several scenes of her bound in her stocking feet.

In Sibling Rivalry, Holly is the naive younger sister who is always being picked on by her older sister Brianna. When Brianna learns that Holly has won concert tickets, she quickly devises a scheme to take them. She tells Holly she has a surprise present to give her for her birthday, but she must be blindfolded first. When Holly naively holds her hands out to receive her present, her evil older sister quickly handcuffs, gags and tightly binds the stunned Holly. Finally fed up with Brianna's cruel behavior, Holly employs the assistance of a friend to break in and leave Brianna bound and gagged. When Holly returns, she vengefully taunts and teases her helpless and blindfolded sister before revealing her plan to steal her boyfriend! But when the boyfriend arrives and accidentally finds Brianna tied up and stashed in the closet, he decides he has had enough of both sisters and leaves them both to struggle in tight ropes. Will the two sisters finally cooperate in order to free themselves?

Two stories, three of the cutest girl-next-door damsels you will ever find, plenty of struggling, and some fantastic character interaction make this a great video for fans of cute girls tied up in street clothes and gagged with tape, bandannas, and cleave gags.

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