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IS033 - The Fetish Model Search


Starring Cyrelle St. James, Mia Chen, Brianna McCoy & Arieana Bauer
117 minutes
Format: MP4 640x480 2000kbps. Old video digitized from lower resolution analog tape.

Two of our cutest models star in this double feature video!

A devious photographer is searching for a new fetish model. One after another, four lovely, young, naive ladies respond to his advertisement. Willing to do anything in order to make it as a big time model, each is manipulated into posing in some very tight bondage!

First the adorable Cyrelle St. James arrives wearing a black PVC dress, boots and gloves. After some quick test shots, the photographer suggests Cyrelle try some bondage poses. Not wanting to do "that type of modeling," Cyrelle attempts a quick exit only to be quickly grabbed and tied up. The reluctant model is then tied in 3 positions using red rope, chains, a ball gag and a ring gag.

Next, beautiful Asian model Mia Chen is convinced by the photographer that doing some bondage photos will advance her career. But as the ropes get tighter, she begins to object, only to be gagged with a black rubber ball gag. Wearing skin tight black PVC pants and a purple jacket, she is first tied lying over a bondage bench with her legs pulled up. Next, she is tied spread eagle to a St. Andrews cross with leather cuffs, belt straps, and chain crotch rope. A ring gag and blindfold add to her helplessness.

Brianna McCoy arrives next. Wearing a black velvet dress, thigh high leather boots and gloves, the photographer actually convinces her to handcuff herself for some poses before he starts to thoroughly bind the alarmed girl to a wooden post. Next, wearing tight black PVC shorts and white spike-heeled shoes, the beleaguered model is tied face down over a bench with harness ball gag that is tied pulling hear head back into a semi-hogtie. Throughout both scenes, the gags that Brianna wears force her to drool extensively! It is truly amazing the amount of a drool this poor girl produces.

Finally, Arieana Bauer arrives and confidently announces she has done bondage before and enjoys it! The photographer has her change into a leather skirt, fishnet stocking and strap-on heels, and quickly tests her ability by tying her tightly. She is then tightly hogtied while lying face down on a bondage bench, her long hair tied so her head is forced into an arch. Was this what she actually had in mind?

Four great models, an assortment of fetish outfits, very tight bondage with on-screen tying, and some mouth-watering gags make this video a must-have!

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 20 February, 2011.