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IS025 - Home Security - Extra Credit


Starring Alexis Parker - Carly Taylor with a vignette by Alexa Close
75 minutes - 1.02 gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

This video features 3 ULTRA CUTE models and two separate stories where our naive stars are deceived into being tightly bound and gagged, plus a vignette starring a favorite from IS01!

In the first story, Alexis Parker thinks she is going to get a great deal on a new home security system in exchange for agreeing to appear in the company's advertising campaign. Excited at the prospect of a great bargain, the trusting Alexis is only mildly concerned when the company representative informs her that the advertisement requires her to be bound to a chair and photographed, the photo to be run in the ad campaign with the caption "Don't let this happen to you! Invest in a home security system today." But as the man begins to tie her tighter and tighter with an ever-increasing amount of rope, she gets nervous. Once he has Alexis bound, gagged, and helpless, the man informs her that he is not with the security company and that he has staged the whole affair in order to steal her valuables. After blindfolding Alexis, he goes off to search for the jewels while she struggles desperately to free herself.

Next up is Carly Taylor, the quintessential girl-next-door. Having recently failed her Psychology 101 college exam, Carly goes to her professor only to find he does not give makeups. However, he informs her that he is looking for test subjects for a research project and that participating could help her grade. Desperate for a passing mark, Carly agrees to be a subject. When she arrives at the prearranged test location, she eagerly signs a "waiver" and is informed the research is a sensory deprivation study. Carly is then seated on a stool, blindfolded, and left alone while a video camera "monitors her reactions for later analysis." Carly is shocked when the professor returns and starts to bind her slender wrists behind her back. When she asks why, she is told in order to limit "her sense of freedom."

Alexa Close ends this tape with 13 minute vignette where she is thoroughly trussed and rolls on the floor. Dressed in a navy blue skirt, white blouse, and white stockings, she is tied with her arms spread to a pole and her feet and legs eventually tied up to the ceiling (exposing her lovely bottom and red thong panties).

In addition to the 3 cute models, all three segments feature on-screen tying and gagging, plus the addition of a blindfold for parts of each scene.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 September, 2011.