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IS018 - Treachery Exposed


Starring Rachel Diamond
60 minutes - 832.3 mb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

Our male star thinks it is his lucky day when he is picked up by the the very busty Rachel Diamond in the local bar. But when he sees her drugging his drink, he realizes she is interested in his money and not him. When he confronts Rachel, he finds a pair of handcuffs and knock-out pills in her purse. Rachel denies everything and attempts to make a quick exit, but she is pushed face down on the sofa and handcuffed. As punishment for her intended treachery, Rachel is tied in several positions, including being tightly hog-tied, thoroughly taped gagged and left to squirm on the floor, tied to a chair with her breasts encircled with rope, and tied bent over with a crotch rope pulling her lovely rear up in the air. In each scene, Rachel is gagged on-screen using cloth stuffing and duct tape, two different ball gags, and a black bit gag. In two scenes, Rachel's long hair is also tied to further limit her mobility.

Throughout this story of deception, exposure, and punishment, the very shapely Rachel is classically attired in spiked strap-on heels, black stockings, and black thong panties. Topless in all scenes, Rachel is both very vocal and energetic in her struggles. Don't miss seeing this beauty tightly tied in a web of her own making!

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