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IS014 - Tabloid or Torment


Starring Samantha Rollings with Dianne Healey plus vignettes by Talisa & Devon LaBelle
85 minutes - 1.12 gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

Samantha Rollings is a photographer looking for a big break. When she manages to get some photos of the Governor picking up two call girls in a secluded alley, she thinks she will be able to sell the photos to a tabloid paper for big bucks! But before she can do anything, a "special assistant" to the governor barges into her apartment, knocks her out, ties her up, and starts looking for the film. She awakes to find herself hog-tied and gagged on the sofa. Unable to find the film, the intruder demands to know where it is hidden. Unwilling to give up her prize easily, Samantha insists that she doesn't know what the intruder is talking about. The determined intruder then binds and gags her in several positions in an effort to make her talk. When Samantha's friend Dianne arrives, they both end up bound and gagged with duct tape! This story features the very attractive Samantha Rollings in several restrictive positions, all of them featuring her lovely bare soles (including one scene where her big toes are tied together)! And as always, plenty of on-screen tying and gagging.

Two vignettes follow this 60 minute story. The first features exotic Talisa decked out in black PVC tied VERY TIGHTLY with her hands pulled over and behind her head, while she squirms sensuously on the floor. The second features the curvaceous red-headed Devon LaBelle being bound and gagged to a chair with her bare feet pulled off the floor for easy viewing.

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