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IS012 - Abduc+ed for Revenge


Starring Kate London with vignettes by Janice Sylver & Holly Everson
85 minutes - 1.16 gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

When Kate London returns to her apartment, a mysterious man jumps from her closet, subdues her, binds and gags her, and then picks her up and carries her off to a secret location. He hog-ties the young damsel and leaves her to struggle. When her blindfold and gag are finally removed, she learns that she has been abduc+ed by a co-worker of her father. The woman informs her that she caught her father embezzling funds and when she threatened to turn him in, she was fired. Now she is holding Kate for ransom in exchange for the money her father stole. The woman then takes a polaroid of the tightly tied girl to send to her father. However, when the father assumes the k!dnapp!ng is just a joke, the woman decides to bind his daughter in several tight positions and videotape the whole affair. At one point, she forces her victim to plead into a video camera to convince her father that this is no joke! Dressed in a short skirt, panty hose (with several shots of her lovely panties visible through the panty hose) and black boots, Kate London does a great job of struggling in addition to giving a very loud and energetic vocal performance in this 60-minute damsel-in-distress story!

Two 15-minute vignettes follow. In the first, the shapely and sexy Janice Sylver (wearing tight black PVC pants) is tied to a post with her hands pulled over head before being bit gagged and blindfolded. She then struggles and moans helplessly. The incredibly cute and demure Holly Everson follows in a scene where she is bound to a chair by another woman. In a sweet innocent voice, she asks her captor "Do you have to tie me?" and "Does it have to be so tight?" This redhead will melt your heart!

Three great "girl-next-door" type damsels, lots of on-screen tying and gagging, and some great struggling and vocal performances highlight this video.

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