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IS011 - Punished for Promotion


Starring Victoria
70 minutes - 969 mb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1800kbps.

On her way to an early-morning business meeting, Victoria is grabbed, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and thrown in the back of a truck. She struggles desperately to get loose, but all she can do is cry "why" through her gag. As the truck drives off, she kicks and screams in the back! Brought to an unknown location, she continues to struggle vehemently while being tied to a chair. She begs her captor not to make it "so tight" and cries "you're hurting me!" Finally left alone, she continues to struggle for release before collapsing from exhaustion. When her blindfold is finally removed, she learns that she is in the hands of angry co-worker who has paid for her capture. Upset that she was passed over for a promotion in favor of the more provocative Victoria, she proclaims, "You wanted to be the boss' pet? I'll make you into a "pet"!" She proceeds to lead Victoria around with a collar and leash while the poor girl is hobbled wrists-to-ankles, strips her shirt and skirt off and ties her thoroughly with red rope, red blindfold, and red ballgag, pushes her to the ground for a strict hogtie in black lingerie, and finally, after making her captive beg for a drink of water, allows her a short drink from a bowl generally reserved for the cat!

After making Victoria into a properly submissive pet, the angry woman decides that since Victoria won the promotion by slutting around with the boss, she should be dressed as a proper slut and publicly embarrassed. She proceeds to bind her victim, dressed in a full PVC catsuit, in a precarious balanced-on-the-knees pose, tied off to the ceiling. Finally, deciding that Victoria has had enough private torment, she makes plans to bring her back to the office to show the staff exactly how she won her promotion. After dressing Victoria in a lovely form-fitting purple latex dress and making her squirm on a chair while the final preparations are made, she leads her out the door to accept her fate.

Great verbal and physical interaction, vigorous struggling, the sexy Victoria, and tight ropes highlight this video.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 October, 2011.