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IS004 - Conversion to Perversion


Starring Erica Lee
65 minutes - 1.01gb
Format: MP4 640x480, 1800kbps

Incredibly cute Erica Lee is going door-to-door with a petition to ban adult entertainment in her community. Dressed in a conservative (but sexy) blouse, skirt, and glasses, she knocks on the door of one of the town's newest residents. When nosy Erica learns he is a photographer, she asks to see some of his work only to become horrified at the sight of pictures of tied-up women! While voicing her outrage, the photographer quickly grabs and tightly binds the startled do-gooder. Before being gagged, she exclaims "This is not the way decent people in our fine community act!" She is then left to struggle, tightly bound and gagged, but still wearing her glasses. Still shocked at her captor's behavior, the helpless Erica is tied in several more positions. When not gagged, Erica objects vehemently to her treatment, especially when the photographer threatens to show her pictures to the town council! Will she ever agree to be his new bondage model?

Plenty of on-screen tying and gagging, great verbal interaction, and some wonderfully sexy struggling by this cute blond highlight this video.

The 1st scene, a hogtie in skirt & blouse on the sofa, is not pictured below.

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