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IS126 - Bikini Bound Damsels


Featuring Dina Davis, Molly Bronte, Corrine Delamonte & Giana Gray
40 minutes - 483 MB
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

Is there anything sexier than a shapely young woman strutting along in a bikini? How about FOUR such lovelies, all tied up? This delightful collection of 4 short stories features several of your favorite models wearing sexy little whisps of cloth that fortunately are considered perfectly suitable for lounging about!

- Dina Davis is a pampered executive who travels to a high-class resort to relax from her "difficult" life. Unfortunately for the staff, her idea of relaxing includes haranguing them to satisfy her every little whim! This doesn't sit well with the head steward, and well, you can guess what happens next!
- Molly Bronte is lounging in the sun in a skimpy thong when she is suddenly grabbed and tied by an unseen assailant. Poor girl is even splashed with water to add to her troubles!
- The lovely Corinne Delamonte is staked out in the sand, squirming and pouting to be let go. I don't know if I'd let her go - she's been a bad girl by her own admission!
- Finally, Giana Gray gets snippy when the pool boy accidentally drops a few sprinkles on her as he works in the sun. Not one to sit still for that type of treatment, he promptly ties her up and then gives her a dunk in the pool, where he proceeds to splash her purposely. She vigorously squirms and struggles and protests, even attempting to splash back at her tormentor!

Besides bikinis and beautiful women, this video also features plenty of cute bare toes and soles, entertaining outdoor photography, and exciting verbal interaction between the ladies and their tormenters. Something for everyone!

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