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Model(s): Yania Fernandez
Video Clip Length: 9:17 minutes
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WMV-HD 1280x720 3600kbps 239mb
MP4 640x360 1500kbps 106mb

Yania Fernandez, dressed in a beautiful red satin dress, pantyhose and high heels, is roughly escorted into the back room of a party, where she was caught taken pictures of the celebrity. Suspected of being a paparazzi, her camera is taken away and she is bound hand and foot and silenced with a big red ball gag. Left alone for a few minutes, she struggles on the chaise, attempting to free herself. During her struggles, she gets her shoes off and her ankles nearly untied, and then decides to try to escape. Unfortunately for her, the security guard catches her just as she gets out the door, and brings her back to be tied to the staircase post (her pretty shoes back on now). Desperately struggling, Yania makes a little progress but is unable to escape before the guard comes back and announces he is going to carry her away to her fate. Thrown over his shoulder, Yania pleads through her gag as she is carried away.


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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 April, 2012.