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Model(s): Josephine Marloe
Video Clip Length: 11:47 minutes
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WMV-HD 1280x720 5500kbps 469mb
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Exotic Josephine Marloe, dressed in a very sexy animal print dress, black lace-topped stockings and high heeled black pumps, is pleading with the enforcer at the bar where she works to not punish her for (once again) borrowing from the till. The gruff enforcer binds her hand and foot, and gags her with a cleave gag covered in duct tape while Josephine pleads and gives him the doe eyes, trying to gain his sympathy. When he leaves her alone to go talk to the boss, she struggles on the chaise for a bit but then decides she's better off escaping than facing the wrath of the boss. Unfortunately for her, the enforcer catches her trying to go out the door. Angry now, he strips her of her dress, revealing her perfect honey-colored body, and reties her so she cannot run, nearly pinning her elbows in the process. Josephine energetically struggles in her panties and stockings, trying to think of a way to get herself out of this predicament. Alas, she gets bad news - the boss wants to see her immediately to personally make an example of her - so the enforcer drags her away, screaming through her gag

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 April, 2013.