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IS105 - Gagged!


Featuring Belle Sagonis, Jasmine Martinez, Katarina Wilski, Holly Everson, Paulene Heinlein, Corrine Delamonte, Lainie Moon, Cyrelle St. James & Dina Davis
85 minutes - 538 MB
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

One of the most frequent requests we hear is "more thorough gagging!" Well, you asked for it ... much to the dismay of our very chatty models!!

This video features the extensive and very thorough on-screen gagging of some of our cutest models. Most of the girls get a full cloth stuffing, packed in by vetwrap and/or duct tape, followed by another layer or two for good measure. A couple also show off a ballgag covered by duct tape or vet wrap, and them another layer on top. NO ONE is getting these gags off (despite some serious effort to work them loose)! All the short stories showcase the on-screen gagging process, and all of our lovely ladies give the gag-talk a heroic effort.

Of course, we don't shortchange you on the rope either, because if their hands weren't properly tied down, these girls would rip off the tape and go back to their usual chit-chat - and we know you didn't want to see or hear that this time around. So, lots of mouth stuffing, lots of tape, lots of vetwrap, and a good amount of rope ... sound like something that might interest you?!?

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