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Model(s): Yania Fernandez
Video Clip Length: 19:05 minutes
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WMV-HD 1280x720 5500kbps 764mb
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Beautiful but spoiled and talentless starlet Yania Fernandez has been handed everything on a silver platter her whole life, calling on her daddy for help if anything displeases her. She gets angry with her manager because she feels her accommodations are inadequate and an interviewer "disrespected" her by asking her tough questions, so she fires the woman. When a strange man appears in her room, she assumes he is there to bring her champagne and chocolates, but he instead has another mission! The beautiful Latina is bound in her silk blouse, tight skirt, dark pantyhose and high heels and left to struggle and cry into her stuffed-mouth gag. After an escape attempt, she is tossed on the bed and hogtied, losing her shoes in the process, and is left blindfolded and gagged. After a time of desperate struggling, she is "rescued" by the manager she fired, who announces that Yania's future starring roles will be limited due to the fact that she is being sold into slavery.

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