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IS095 - Molly's Misery


Starring Molly Bronte with vignettes by Holly Everson & Dina Davis
77 minutes - 1.05gb
Format: WMV (Windows Media Player)
Viewing size: 640x480, encoded at 1600kbps.

Molly Bronte returns home from a long day and readies herself for bed. But soon after she goes to sleep, she is awoken by the feeling of duct tape being pressed firmly across her mouth. Before she fully realizes what is happening, she finds herself bound hand and foot with duct tape! But this is just the beginning of her ordeal. She will spend the rest of the night trying escape her captor, hopping from room to room and down a flight stairs, extricating herself from a closet with her feet, and desperately trying to find some way to free herself from her bonds.

This story features several great escape attempts, lots of bare feet action, hopping, a carrying scene, extensive onscreen tying, and the delightful sight of Molly running around in a very sexy pink slip and pair of pink panties.

The story is followed by two short story vignettes with Holly Everson and Dina Davis, both of whom are tied down to their beds in their lingerie as they struggle to free themselves. Holly is dressed in a short blue slip, and Dina is dressed in classic black, complete with garters and stockings.

Escape attempts, bare feet, onscreen tying, 3 beautiful damsels, what more can we say?

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